bad queer

by winnie mierault

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released April 26, 2017

thnx to char pfaff for the album artwork (

thnx to roger greenfield for being a guide as always (



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winnie mierault Florida

winnie mierault has lived in a few places

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Track Name: bad queer
i will stick my neck out
for the friends i have lost
unsteady on my feet these days
unsure what all this will cost

and in the end i know i'm just a bad queer
sucking the life out of everything near
and in the end i know i'm just a bad queer
sucking the life out of everything near

i slipped into something comfortable
while you hurridly got dressed
quick goodbyes and awkward hugs
didn't pass the test
Track Name: franco
i’m not sure where to head
if there’s a place where you won’t find me
stuck in this swirling mess
too late to back out, i’m stressed already

you expressed your distaste for relationships
and i get that, i really do
but one part of me knows
there’s nothing that
won’t stop me from wanting you

franco, franco
where did our time go?
franco, franco
where did our time go?

your girlfriend has a pretty face
and more social clout, plenty of grace
does she know you still keep tabs on me
and other girls you’ve treated poorly?
Track Name: closure isn't real pt. 2
spent another day thinking about you
i know that you don’t want me to
just another bug on your windshield

keeping my head to the ground i watch
you fumble falter mumble for a spot

but there’s no way to end
closure isn’t real but we’ve found a way to mend
the cycle of pain that couldn’t stop
you held my heart in your hand and let it drop